2013-2014 SADD Calendar
August September October November December

Invitation to new members

SADD contract for life
Chain of life

Suicide awareness week

T-shirt designs
15 minute program
Banner contest
Parade float

Red Ribbon Week
A.M. Announcements
Student ribbons
school decorations
RRW pledge
Anti-bully month

Christmas ornament design

Rap contest-No Drinking & Driving

Mix it up day

Dangers of drinking & driving

Mistletoe MessageTie mistletoe to car antenna-"if you decide to drink & drive-kiss it good-bye"

Mock-tail contest

Christmas social

January February March April May
Great american smoke-out

Trash can decorations

Seatbelt safety awareness

Valentine messages give or sell carnations or button-"I don't drink & drive b/c I love_____"

Prom pledge

Mock crash for prom

Raffel off limo
April Fool's Day sticker/candy-"I'm no fool...I'm drug free"

Don't text and drive pledge

Don't be a sucker/be a lifesaver

End of year social