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Sponsor: Menard B-11

Tech Academy is an organization dedicated to exposing students to learning about tecnology. We teach people by giving students the power to choose what they want to learn. We do this by hosting monthly workshops that focus on hands-on'creative projects.

Essentially our focus is on learning how to code computer programs and how to build computers or electronics, but we have a wide range of interest that fall under the umbrella of "technology" so it really does depend on what the students request most and what resources we have to make our work shops possible.

Tech Academy prepares students for a competitive college/job market by teaching them skills that translateacross multiple career paths. This club gives them an outlet for creative expression. It teaches them that their imaginations can be used for real-world, every day problems and applications.

And that through out it all,we hope that everyone involved had a lot of fun learning what they wanted, made a lot of strong relationships that will last a life time, andthat they leave better, smarter and a lot more confident in their quirkness/nerdiness/shyness (pick one) than when they joined.